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Organizations across industries increasingly depend on reliable application performance: think Gmail, Slack, and the countless other apps you depend on daily.

These applications rely on networks, and that’s where QOS Networks comes in: a global network services company, they help enterprise organizations monitor and manage networks across the globe, so that critical applications always work.

We partnered with QOS to design and build an exceptional analytics experience — the Intelligent Network Platform — handling front-end development and design for this powerful dashboard.

Components by Carbon

To architect the cleanest interface possible, we turned to IBM’s Carbon Design, a front-end design system that’s ideal for dealing with data.

Following Carbon’s guides — and taking advantage of its huge inventory of customizable elements — enabled us to craft an exceptional user experience quickly, while still empowering our designers to create a distinct design.

Armed with Carbon’s tools, we designed features like geolocation, hover effects, tooltips, dark mode, skeleton loading, and API integration into a full-scale, interactive prototype.

A Data-Ready Dev Stack

Our data-centric approach carried over from design into development, with Next.js at the heart of our dev stack.

Ideal for pulling just the data users need, Next.js builds on the highly popular React development library for unmatched speed and security. That’s why digital heavyweights like Netflix, GitHub, and Uber depend on it to power their applications.

As real-time and dependable as it gets, React plus Next.js was the perfect fit for the Intelligent Network Platform.



Designing For Data

With a blend of proven systems, custom design, and carefully tailored dev stack, we helped QOS deliver an outstanding, secure, and reliable dashboard to customers.

But don’t take our word for it: QOS also caught the eye of Zayo Group, leading to a successful acquisition.

By Zayo Group

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