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The Perrina brothers know how to run a great restaurant: since 2009, they’ve started several thriving eateries in Boston’s iconic north end. After witnessing the profound benefits of meal prepping for their diabetic father, they decided to expand into an à la carte online ordering model. But why stop there?

Enter Aftershock. Our order? To build a revamped, AI-powered, subscription-based website that looked and felt as good as Nutre’s cuisine.

Onward From À La Carte

Nutre’s à la carte model was a hit with customers. But by the time we got involved, the backend supporting that system had become outdated and unfit for scaling to a subscription model. Plus, the transition to a new system had to be seamless.

Our dev team began with a major migration of customer information to a brand new database, ensuring that no allergy info, food preference, or payment method was left behind.

More Cooking, Less Coding

To keep the Nutre team focused on food and flavor, we built an intuitive WordPress interface for easy meal entry. Mid-week forecast reports give chefs a preview of customer demand, while a custom analytics dashboard provides comprehensive line-of-sight across the business.

For customers, flexibility was our priority. Need 5 meals this week instead of 10? No problem. Want to toss in some add-on’s and change your shipping method, all from your phone? Easy.

A Calculated Whisk

Meal subscription customers are busy folks who demand a smooth experience. So we designed an auto-selection algorithm that serves up impeccable meal choices for customers who can’t log in each week. Ingredient preferences, previous favorites, and allergy information are all accounted for, without customers lifting a finger.


Ooh La La Meets ROI

By moving to a subscription-based model, Nutre was stirring up the pot for their business and its customers. With help from a front-to-back web redesign, they doubled revenue while keeping customers happy, significantly expanding their operation.

That’s what you call growing the pie.



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Aftershock has been an asset in our growth. Being in an industry where the landscape is constantly shifting, having Aftershock on our team has made transitioning tech and design seamless. We consider our website to be an asset and differentiator towards our competitors.

Valentino Perrina


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