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Is an independent book publisher whose mission lies in its name: escape, immersion, and delight.

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Diversion (noun): the act or an instance of diverting or straying from a course, activity, or use; deviation. —Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

Diversion Books is an independent book publisher whose mission lies in its name: escape, immersion, and delight. Their colophon, a sailboat, evokes the archetypal symbol for transportation to another world. With hundreds of titles across many genres, it’s a very large sailboat—and getting larger by the week.

Deviating Course

Although Diversion Books didn’t approach us for a new logo, we noticed that their existing logo didn’t evoke the wonder and delight so foundational to the brand. We re-imagined a more inviting, flexible logo, equally at home on a book spine or a mobile browser. Our typeface selection strives to be bold yet welcoming, with the versatility and presence to stand out in any aisle of the bookstore.

Diversion-Free Browsing

Ironically, our approach toward the website was all about eliminating diversion; in other words, immersing site visitors in the books without getting lost in the website itself. Like a great bookstore, the books stand firmly in the spotlight, encouraging readers to browse with clarity and curiosity against a monochromatic backdrop.

In addition to adoring readers, the new website had to persuade authors that Diversion Books was as invested in their project’s success as they were. Would their beloved life’s work come alive on this site? Besides commanding the authority of a publisher capable of delivering a hit, flattering author profiles and accessible calls-to-action were a must.

Stocking The Shelves

With new titles going to print all the time, it wasn’t enough to simply build a showpiece for existing books. The client needed a simple, manageable backend workflow to add their latest works at any time. We built a database that immediately updates the entire site with new titles and authors through a straightforward backend upload process. Need to feature a specific author or title? It’s only a dropdown away.

To handle the media-rich browsing experience, we set up a CDN and enabled infinite scrolling—like a great bookstore that seemingly never ends.

Docking At Our Destination

With this project, we set out to help Diversion Books hoist their sail high; to show readers and fellow publishers alike that this dexterous dinghy was not to be trifled with. In the process, we created a front and backend user experience to ensure smooth sailing for all key user groups. Whatever destination Diversion Books makes for next, they’ll be well-munitioned for the journey.

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